If someone had told me in advance that 2016 would be a year that I met the love of my life and also get diagnosed with cancer, I wouldn't have believed them. I probably would have both laughed and cried, and then maybe have tried to hide.

It’s the day before my third CMF chemotherapy treatment and in light of just going through my first Breast Cancer Awareness month as a person undergoing treatment for breast cancer, I thought I would take a few moments to reflect on a few things that are on my cancer plate right now.

One thing that sucks about having cancer in your 20’s is that you often don’t have a serious significant other and you live away from your parents. In my case, I’m single (as in not married, I do have a boyfriend—more on that later), I live alone—which I’m very proud of!—and my parents live in North Carolina, a six-hour drive away.